Case Study

Vancouver Public Schools—
Online Safety for Students


Teaching Students Better Global Digital Citizenship

Shifting to remote learning presented a variety of challenges for Vancouver Public Schools (VPS), as students faced an entirely new learning environment. The district chose Gaggle Safety Management to be their "neighbor on the porch" to proactively ensure the safety and well-being of their 24,000+ students online.

Keeping Students Protected Online

The Challenge:

Using Microsoft 365 and Google for Education across a variety of devices (iPads, Chromebooks, and laptops), the district wanted to ensure all of its students are protected in the digital environments where they’re interacting, sharing, and collaborating. This became even more critical when learning moved off campus and into the virtual world.

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Ensuring All Grades Receive Digital Safety Coverage

The Solution:

With a student safety platform already in place for students in grades 3–12, VPS turned up its 1:1 initiative and extended its use of Gaggle across all grade levels. This would not only give the district complete visibility over its students’ online activities, it also helps promote digital citizenship and level the digital equity playing field. 

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Enhancing Digital Equity in Remote Learning Environments

The Results:

Gaggle helped VPS expand its digital equity by ensuring that students can safely access all of the information and resources that they need to learn. It is especially critical in remote learning environments to have a proactive approach to student safety. 

CASE STUDY - Vancouver Public Schools
“It was absolutely imperative to have Gaggle on board when we went to remote teaching and learning. We are so lucky to have Gaggle in place. It’s become part of our basic infrastructure.”

Other Case Studies

Oklahoma City Public Schools adopted Gaggle to ensure student safety not just through brick and mortar locations, but also online. Major student situations have been intercepted and resolved, but students have also used the system to alert administrators of other threats.
This large California district wanted more human eyes on its students’ safety on a 24/7/365 basis, so it adopted Gaggle to safeguard students in the Google environment. Since then, the student safety management platform has helped the district save two student lives.
With a new 1:1 initiative underway, School District 87 in Illinois needed to gain better visibility over students’ online activities to prevent bullying, fighting, suicide, and self-harm. In search of a trusted provider to work with, the district adopted Gaggle across its 10 schools and 5,500 students.