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Suicide Intervention and Prevention in Rural Appalachia

Gaggle gives this Tennessee district an advantage in a world where the first sign of a troubled student often surfaces in an email or a saved document—both of which are monitored by the student safety platform around the clock.


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Not enough time in the day for an individual—or the district as a whole—to monitor how students are using their devices in this 1:1 Tennessee school district.


Gaggle provides an extra set of eyes to keep track of what students are saying and feeling in the district’s Microsoft Office 365 environment.


Greeneville City Schools has intervened in multiple suicide attempts, as well as other attacks, incidents involving self-harm, and the sharing of inappropriate content.

CASE STUDY - Greeneville City Schools
“We literally have the opportunity to save a student’s life with Gaggle. How could we turn and walk away from an opportunity like that?”

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Serving approximately 26,000 students across 37 schools, this Texas district turned to Gaggle to help prevent student suicides and self-harm. The district has since intervened in suicide situations after receiving Gaggle alerts.
With a new 1:1 initiative underway, School District 87 in Illinois needed to gain better visibility over students’ online activities to prevent bullying, fighting, suicide, and self-harm. In search of a trusted provider to work with, the district adopted Gaggle across its 10 schools and 5,500 students.
After implementing a 1:1 laptop initiative, this Pennsylvania district needed a system to monitor student activity online. One student life has been saved as a result of Gaggle’s diligence and immediate alerts, and 36 incidents were flagged as potentially problematic during the platform’s first semester in use.