Case Study

Encouraging Appropriate Online Behavior

As technology continues to transform the way that K-12 instructors teach; how their students consume and engage with their learning; and how employees, students, and parents communicate with one another, the district is doing its part to help prepare students for success in the modern work world.


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The district wanted more human eyes on its students’ safety on a 24/7/365 basis and no longer wanted to rely on just three TOSAs (Teachers on Special Assignment) to handle student situations.


Adopted Gaggle to work with its G Suite and 1:1, which provides both in-classroom and take-home devices to all students in second through twelfth grade.


A robust system that monitors Google email and Google Drive accounts, provides activity dashboards, and intervenes when students are in trouble.

CASE STUDY - Desert Sands Unified School District
“We’ve had two instances where both the district administrators and the students’ families agree that two student lives have been saved. That’s huge.”

Other Case Studies

This Rhode Island district needed a way for students to be able to voice their concerns about bullying, drugs, or unhealthy relationships. Since implementing Gaggle’s SpeakUp for Safety solution, the district has identified and intervened in a number of potentially dangerous situations involving its students.
After rolling out a 1:1 Chromebook program across grades K-8, this California district needed to ensure that students would be protected online. Gaggle has helped the district save a student life every year since its implementation and enabled educators to intervene in cases of bullying and self-harm.
Oklahoma City Public Schools adopted Gaggle to ensure student safety not just through brick and mortar locations, but also online. Major student situations have been intercepted and resolved, but students have also used the system to alert administrators of other threats.