Case Study

Gaggle Stops Potential Threats
at Oklahoma School District


Preparing Students for the Real World

The Challenge:

Serving Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OKCPS is the largest primary and secondary education district in Oklahoma with 97 schools and approximately 46,000 students enrolled. The district wanted to give its students access to email accounts to prepare them for the real world but didn’t previously have guidelines for monitoring those email accounts.

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Implementing Gaggle to Ensure Student Safety

The Solution:

When students want to share vital information—but are afraid to do it face to face or through another forum—student safety platforms prove their value on a completely different level. Oklahoma City Public Schools adopted Gaggle to ensure student safety not just through brick and mortar locations, but also online.

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Preventing Potentially Dangerous Situations

The Results: 

Since implementing the platform, the district has identified and intervened in a number of different potentially dangerous situations involving its students.

For example, one student wanted to alert an adult to a concerning situation—but fearing retaliation and retribution, that student wrote something inappropriate in a Google doc knowing that the student safety platform would catch it.

CASE STUDY - Oklahoma School District
“We needed a service like Gaggle because monitoring 45,000 new accounts would quickly become a full-time job for multiple staff members. There’s no way we could do that.”

Other Case Studies

This Ohio district has been using Gaggle for years, but the explosion of technology now makes the online student safety platform more critical than ever. When some grades moved to 1:1, Gaggle picked up on even more student situations, ensuring that administrators are making the right investment choice year after year.
With the COVID-19 shelter-at-home orders in place, Fillmore Unified School District in California took action to ensure student safety during remote learning.
This large California district wanted more human eyes on its students’ safety on a 24/7/365 basis, so it adopted Gaggle to safeguard students in the Google environment. Since then, the student safety management platform has helped the district save two student lives.