Case Study

Implementing Gaggle Pays Off Year After Year

With Cincinnati Public Schools back in session, the district rolled out a new three-year strategic plan with a goal to focus on the health and safety of the students.


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Cincinnati Public Schools has been using Gaggle for years, but the explosion of technology in its classrooms now makes the online student safety platform more critical than ever.


Gaggle monitors student Google accounts and school-related communication to ensure both physical and cybersafety without compromising student privacy.


Since implementing the platform, the district has identified and intervened in a number of different potentially dangerous situations involving its students.

CASE STUDY- Cincinnati Public Schools
“A lot of the issues we’re catching are self-harm references, and some of them are very clear cries for help.”

Other Case Studies

After rolling out a 1:1 Chromebook program across grades K-8, this California district needed to ensure that students would be protected online. Gaggle has helped the district save a student life every year since its implementation and enabled educators to intervene in cases of bullying and self-harm.
Hoping to ensure students were safe while using Google’s suite of educational collaboration tools, this Texas district implemented Gaggle Safety Management. In December 2019, Gaggle’s digital student safety net helped prevent a suicide at Keene High School.
Oklahoma City Public Schools adopted Gaggle to ensure student safety not just through brick and mortar locations, but also online. Major student situations have been intercepted and resolved, but students have also used the system to alert administrators of other threats.