Case Study

Improving Access to Mental Health Support for Rural Students


Cause for Concern: Limited Access to Health Professionals

The Challenge:

Kelseyville Unified School District (KVUSD) discovered a rise in mental health challenges following the pandemic shutdown. Being in a rural area, they had a unique set of challenges, one of which was limited access to health professionals.

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The Right Tool at the Right Time

The Solution:

The district turned to Gaggle Therapy and Coaching services to alleviate accessibility issues for their students in an effort to treat them more effectively. Gaggle Therapy has proved to be a game changer for KVUSD students and families, particularly for those who had no access to counseling. Students who are in need can receive support almost immediately.


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Students and Staff Reap the Benefits

The Results:

Eliminating barriers that traditional in-person therapy brings—like cost, insurance, waitlists, and availability of providers—the district was able to provide access to immediate help for struggling students.


Kelseyville Fan Case Study
“Before Gaggle Therapy, I couldn’t help every kid. I feel like now I can. I’ve got something for every kid and it’s well worth it. It makes sense financially and emotionally. I wouldn’t hesitate giving my recommendation for this program at all.”

Other Case Studies

The Ramsey Public School District is a comprehensive district that serves students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. After conducting a thorough review and exploration of other providers and services, the school district ultimately chose Gaggle Therapy and Coaching to support its students’ growing mental health needs.
With a new 1:1 initiative underway, School District 87 in Illinois needed to gain better visibility over students’ online activities to prevent bullying, fighting, suicide, and self-harm. In search of a trusted provider to work with, the district adopted Gaggle across its 10 schools and 5,500 students.
After implementing a 1:1 laptop initiative, this Pennsylvania district needed a system to monitor student activity online. One student life has been saved as a result of Gaggle’s diligence and immediate alerts, and 36 incidents were flagged as potentially problematic during the platform’s first semester in use.