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Why School Districts Love Gaggle

Gaggle has helped thousands of districts avoid tragedies and save lives. Here’s what four of our biggest advocates in the educational space had to say about how they’re using Gaggle to cultivate a safe, secure environment on K-12 campuses nationwide.


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Protecting students is a top priority for K-12 school districts nationwide, where early intervention in potentially serious situations can mean the difference between a catastrophic event and a successful resolution.


Whether they’re stepping in to safeguard that students use email and share content responsibly, responding to students’ cries for help, or ensuring that students don’t harm themselves or others, districts are taking measures to fortify student safety both on and off-campus.


Gaggle has helped thousands of districts avoid tragedies and save lives. Our early warning system alerts districts to potentially dangerous situations as well as imminent and critical mental health issues.

Why School Districts Love Gaggle Case Study
“We know Gaggle is in this for the right reasons; it wants to save students’ lives. We know there’s a team of people that are on our side, even just to talk about why something was or wasn’t flagged online. We always have Gaggle’s full support.”

Other Case Studies

A rural California school district wanted to ensure that both students and the organizational system would be safe while utilizing Google’s suite of educational tools.
Shifting to remote learning presented a variety of challenges for this Washington district as students faced an entirely new learning environment.
This Ohio district has been using Gaggle for years, but the explosion of technology now makes the online student safety platform more critical than ever. When some grades moved to 1:1, Gaggle picked up on even more student situations, ensuring that administrators are making the right investment choice year after year.