Case Study

Gaggle Supports Schoolwide 1:1 Initiative

As a part of the Los Gatos Union School District in California, Raymond J. Fisher Middle School launched a digital initiative to build a personalized, digital learning environment to boost academic achievement and prepare students for their future. 


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Going into the third year of its 1:1 device initiative, this middle school needed a technology platform that would monitor bullying, self-harm, and other inappropriate behaviors of students as they used Google applications on their Chromebooks.


Adopted Gaggle for real-time activity reporting across all middle school students that each have take-home Chromebooks.


Gaggle has streamlined the process for keeping students safe while online, both on and off campus. The platform also allows administration to narrow down issues quickly and have good conversations with students about those situations.

Raymond J. Fisher Middle School Case Study
“We tell them that we’re not here to discipline them, but that we’re here to help educate them on how to appropriately address situations in Google Classroom.”

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