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SpeakUp from Gaggle allows students to report bullying, threats of violence, weapons, planned fighting and fellow students in crisis.

Bloomington, IL (February 27, 2018) – Gaggle announced today the public release of SpeakUp, a unique safety tipline for K-12 schools.

Integrated into school districts’ G Suite for Education accounts, students see the SpeakUp email address whenever they start to compose a message, eliminating the need to download a mobile app or to remember a phone number.

Messages sent to SpeakUp result in an auto-reply message, which explains how the tipline can be used to report unsafe situations at a school and describes that real people are monitoring SpeakUp. Replies also include a dedicated phone number that students can use for text messages or phone calls.

“Students are one of the best lines of defense to protect schools, but often they’re reluctant to reach out to an adult,” said Gaggle’s CEO, Jeff Patterson. “School districts using SpeakUp already have addressed school shooting threats, fights, bullying, mental health issues and other unsafe situations through SpeakUp tips.”

All SpeakUp messages are routed to Gaggle’s Safety Team 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Trained professionals will alert school officials of unsafe situations and can even contact local law enforcement.

“SpeakUp quickly has become vital to our students' safety and well-being,” said Jessica Mays, Technology Specialist at Temple Independent School District in Texas. “Both campus and district level administrators are impressed by SpeakUp, and our school resource officers feel confident in its ability."

To learn more about SpeakUp, visit or call (800) 288-7750.

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