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EdTech Leader Provides School Administrators with Powerful Data to Help Keep Students Safe

Bloomington, IL (June 27, 2016) – With the release of its Safety Management Dashboard, Gaggle now provides deep insight and analytics on violations and incidents when students use Google Apps for Education™ and Office 365™.

Gaggle Safety Management combines machine learning technology with expert Safety Representatives who review content 24/7 to ensure students are safe. The Gaggle Safety Management Dashboard allows superintendents, principals and other educators who are responsible for student safety to investigate and answer the following questions:

  • Which of my schools has the highest amount of incidents?
  • What educational tools are my students using most frequently?
  • How severe are the incidents Gaggle Safety Representatives discover?
  • Has the number of inappropriate incidents increased or decreased over time?
  • How does my school or district’s incident rate compare with national averages?

By providing early warning detection of self-harm, drug or alcohol use, cyberbullying, pornography, harmful family situations and much more, Gaggle Safety Management has become a critical part of how schools across the country keep their students safe, as well as digital citizenship curriculum, school assemblies and other safety initiatives.

“We didn’t purchase Gaggle for the bad kids,” said Jana Hoggle, Director of Technology and Federal Programs, Satsuma City Schools (AL), “we purchased Gaggle for the sad kids.”

Before its public release, a select group of Gaggle customers participated in an open beta release to provide feedback on the new dashboard.

"Gaggle continues to innovate and provide new ways to help keep our students safe,” said Stephanie Jones, Instructional Technology Specialist, Little Rock School District (AR). “From its early days as a safe student email and LMS provider to now offering tremendous insight into what our students are doing and how they’re using online learning and collaboration tools, the Safety Management Dashboard is another invaluable tool for student online safety."

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