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Bloomington, IL (May 6, 2015) – Many schools are making the switch to Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and many teachers continue to experiment with Google Classroom on their own. To help technology facilitators and classroom teachers ensure safe adoption and use of GAFE for students, Gaggle and Amplified IT have created a new eBook, "12 Ways to Safely Adopt Google Apps into Your School." To download the eBook for free, click here.

What sets this eBook apart from other resources on GAFE is that instead of focusing on the different functionalities and uses of the technology, it focuses on student safety, which is easily and often overlooked when implementing GAFE. GAFE’s included safety features are typically not enough for a school or district, thus making users more vulnerable to online safety concerns.

"It goes without saying that there are plenty of resources to help with integrating Google Apps for Education inside a district, school or classroom," said Rob Yoegel, Gaggle's vice president of marketing. "However, most of these ignore how to make sure it will be safe for everyone, especially students, to use."

The new eBook features advice and ideas covering topics such as:

• Best practices for quickly training staff and students to use GAFE
• Potential CIPA compliance issues present when using GAFE and how to overcome them
• Integrating GAFE into the curriculum
• Using GAFE as a single sign-on solution

After reading the eBook, those educators interested in implementing GAFE or who have done so already should consider if they completely understand all of the safety risks when using GAFE. To help, Gaggle has created a Google Apps for Education Safety Audit  so both teachers and administrators can determine if they truly understand the safety settings in GAFE and that they are ultimately doing everything possible to improve the safety and security of their students.

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