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Gaggle’s Trusted Portal Partner program is a free service that makes it easier for educational technology companies to quickly implement new school districts and increase sales. The program includes both account provisioning and a Single-Sign-On (SSO) component.

Gaggle’s CEO Jeff Patterson says, “We’ve done the hard work - why not share the benefit to our schools?” With a district’s permission, Gaggle will share the data with other vendors. “If a Gaggle district buys your company’s product, we’ll help you set up the accounts for free. It’s good karma. Everyone benefits from easier setup and integrated systems.”

In addition to creating accounts, Gaggle will set up Single-Sign-On with all qualified educational technology and content providers free of charge. A single click on a portal link can log teachers and students into any third party web site. Gaggle already supports multiple authentication protocols such as LDAP, ADFS, SAML and Open ID to mention a few. Our partners appreciate our expertise setting up their portals quickly and easily with very little work on their part.

Recently, Gaggle partnered with Mytonomy creating a Single-Sign-On to benefit Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Dr. Valerie Truesdale, District CIO, commented that “when software systems link together with agility, students’ learning is extended because they can navigate quickly and seamlessly. We appreciate that these companies worked hard to meet our needs.”

The experience is equally as positive for other Trusted Portal Partners such as Penda Learning. “Penda was rolling out to 150 sites for Memphis City Schools. Normally each school provides student, teacher and class data files, a large undertaking in time and in data. Working with Gaggle, we provided content faster and with fewer technology headaches,” added David Jaffa, Penda’s Founder and CEO. Gaggle’s XML-based API for account provisioning and Single-Sign-On is ready. Interested technology and content providers and districts should contact Gaggle for more information.

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