Gaggle In the News

How does Gaggle fit into the Google picture? Amazingly well! Gaggle now offers a complete integration with Google Apps for Education. The Google-Gaggle integration turns Google into a full-featured learning platform designed for the unique requirements of K-12. This new solution combines with Gaggle’s proven system for protecting students and a seamless integration of both companies’ productivity tools. With Gaggle, Google can truly be a safe online learning environment for students.

Google Apps is a power full tool in K-12 education, but from a learning perspective more features are needed such as Assignment Drop Boxes, Homework Grading, Filtered YouTube Access and Class Pages. Gaggle solves these problems and more. In addition, Gaggle’s automated systems make provisioning and managing user accounts easy. Gaggle can automatically organize users by schools, grade levels, class rosters, clubs and Professional Learning Communities.

All of Gaggle's unparalleled safety features apply, including our extensive text monitoring, Ani-Pornography Scanner, 24/7 Human Monitoring Service, and transparent access to all student activities both in Gaggle and Google. Kipp Bentley, Executive Director of Interdisciplinary Learning, at Denver Public Schools coined the phrase, "Don't Google without Gaggle!"

Starting this spring, Gaggle also fully integrates with Chromebook. Amy Stanley, Coordinator of Elementary Instructional Technology for Johnston County Schools explains, “It was great. Gaggle managed the behind-the-scenes magic, and I was handed our user accounts, which were configured, in classes and ready to use. It couldn’t have been easier for us to get our Chromebooks up, running and secure.”

“Gaggle is known for being responsive to the evolving needs our customers, and this integration is one more example of melding our extensive safety features with tools educators want, “stated Jeff Patterson, Gaggle Founder and CEO.

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