Gaggle In the News

In July 2012, Gaggle announced it was including its Human Monitoring Service (HMS) as a part of its subscription service in order to better protect students and allow educators to focus on teaching. Gaggle is now extending the safety and security of our Human Monitoring System to 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

“Gaggle’s HMS is credited with uncovering drug use, bullying, and threats of school violence, teen depression, suicidal intentions, and abusive domestic situations. Student safety is a pivotal issue in our schools, and we want to lead the way in protecting students,” said Jeff Patterson Gaggle’s CEO and Founder.

“Gaggle has experienced phenomenal growth by Districts, so we expanded our HMS team to meet the needs of widespread blended learning strategies that extend the classroom to 24/7. By extending our hours of coverage we can now respond in real time, providing a consistent, high level of customer service,” stated Brett Woudenberg, Gaggle Chief Operations Officer.

“As we continue to evaluate the use of our blended learning tools, it is clear that students are using them at all hours. In fact, some of the most serious issues, such as suicide indications and cyber bullying, are more likely to occur at night and on weekends. Our expanded team of Cyber Security Agents provides unique contextual monitoring expertise to make sure we are providing a consistent and high level of protection to students around the globe,” explained Gaggle’s Cyber Security Supervisor, Kathy Boehle.

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