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Bloomington, IL (October 29, 2014) - Since the start of the school year, Gaggle Safety Management has identified nearly 2,000 instances of potential violence to a student or others, including self-harm, suicide, fights, threats of violence and more.

Gaggle helps detect potential issues early, alerting district officials at any hour if a threat is imminent and allowing educators and parents to intervene positively. The company has been providing safe online learning tools for K-12 education since 1999.

The unfortunate event last week in Marysville, WA, has resulted in more interest in Gaggle Safety Management from both schools and the media. Earlier this week, KOMO News in Seattle turned to Gaggle for advice to schools and parents while earlier in the month, WCNC-TV in North Carolina featured how Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools use Gaggle to keep their students safe.

In response to these inquiries, the company has published a series of video vignettes entitled, "Real Students. Real Stories." that further explain how schools benefit from Gaggle Safety Management.

"Gaggle Safety Management is a service that a lot of people probably don't want to talk about," said Jeff Patterson, Gaggle’s CEO and founder, "but, quite frankly, it's saving lives and preventing events like the one that happened in Marysville, Washington."

Gaggle removes the need for educators to review questionable communications so they can concentrate on classroom instruction. The company also works with schools on developing ways to educate their students on digital citizenship through professional development and content initiatives such as infographics, blog posts and webinars.

How to Keep Your Students Safe infographic

"When school violence occurs, discussions often turn to gun control laws or mental health issues," said Patterson. "What’s equally important is addressing digital citizenship and working with students on ways to use technology as a positive force in their lives."

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