It Takes a Village:
A Gaggle Podcast

Student safety isn’t a one-person job. Between district leaders, educators, administrators, parents, counselors, and beyond, it truly takes a village to safeguard students in both physical and digital environments.
Student Mental Health

Gaggle Therapy: A Timely Service for Student Mental Health

Kaitlyn Schlesinger, Gaggle Therapy Services Director, speaks with Dr. Aida Vazin, Gaggle Therapy Consultant and Clinician, about the origin of our new teletherapy service, its timely and relevant launch, and the importance of student mental health awareness.


Gaggle Tech Updates: How Are We Doing?

Gaggle’s Casey Lee, CTO, and Justin West, Director of Information Technology, discuss how the past year has affected our technology infrastructure, how we were impacted, how we responded, and how we scaled.

Student Safety

Linewize and Gaggle: Keeping Students Safe Together

Linewize’s Director of Marketing, Ilana Plummer, interviews Gaggle’s CEO, Jeff Patterson, and Linewize’s Ross Young, VP for North America. The partnership between Gaggle and Linewize illustrates how it takes a village to keep students safe and to help them thrive. Hear how the two companies are partnering to help ensure the well-being and safety of all students.


Dr. Kecia Ray on Distance Learning, Funding, and the “New Normal”

In our premiere episode Paget Hetherington, Gaggle’s vice president of Marketing, interviews education leader Dr. Keica Ray about the challenges of K-12 education during these complex times.