Case Study

Stopping a Child Predator in His Tracks

When New York’s East Irondequoit Central School District implemented Gaggle, the goal was to make sure their students were safe in the digital world. What the district wasn’t expecting was an investigation that resulted in an arrest and conviction of a child predator.


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After rolling out Office 365 for students in grades 6–12, the district wanted to protect its students in the online environment.


Implemented Gaggle Safety Management to address concerns about student use of email
and OneDrive on district-issued devices.


A digital safety net designed to prevent harmful content from being delivered to students—and keep it off the district server. Using Gaggle, this district helped take down a child predator while blocking his attempts to reach a young student.

East Irondequoit Case Study
“With all of these different online tools that our students have access to, it gets harder and harder to keep them safe. If I didn’t have a tool like Gaggle, we wouldn’t be able to do this. We have to have something in place that’s looking at what’s coming and going.”

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