Web Filter Support

Is your district equipped to review students’ digital activity around the clock? Gaggle partners with web filtering platforms to create an integrated solution to enhance K-12 student safety—both on and off campus.

Deploy a Stronger Student Safety Net

Our solution helps to eliminate the pressure and workload on K-12 district staff while keeping students safe. By integrating with your existing web filter, you no longer need to deal with false alerts, review items at night and on weekends, or worry about missing potential issues with life-threatening consequences.
How It Works
How It Works
Your web filter is integrated with the Gaggle student safety solution for 24/7 analysis and review. When a student search is flagged, an alert will be sent to the Gaggle Safety team. The content is reviewed, and our team will determine the next steps.
Safeguard Your Students
Safeguard Your Students
Situations your district needs to be aware of will be categorized in terms of severity. If the alert shows an imminent threat to a student’s life or well-being, the Gaggle Safety team will immediately notify the specified emergency contact.
Setup takes just 10 minutes and is as simple as adding the Gaggle email address to your web filter configuration for flagged searches. No more constantly checking your email for alerts—we’re doing that around the clock, so you don’t have to.
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Our Web Filter Partners

Web filter integration is now available for ContentKeeper, iBoss, Hapara, and additional web filters. Contact us to learn more about partnering with Gaggle to enhance student safety in your district.


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“We’re a small team of five, and until we implemented Gaggle, I was the only set of eyes on the ContentKeeper feed that was coming in, which meant that even after hours, I would very frequently check to make sure that our students weren’t searching for things that were inappropriate or dangerous.”

Expand Your Digital Student Safety Net

Contact us to discover how integrating Gaggle Safety Management with your existing web filter can help your district support student safety around the clock.