Suicide Prevention: A Top Priority in this Georgia District

Hear how Safety & Security Chief Thomas Trawick is leading the effort to recognize students in distress, provide resources to intervene, and save students’ lives at Clayton County Public Schools. As he says, "Make a difference. Be proactive with Gaggle."

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How does Gaggle work?
Our district leader partners share their experiences with Gaggle, highlighting our effective combination of technology and human intelligence to enhance student safety and well-being.
Helping Texas Districts Take Care of Students
Serving 14,100 students, this Texas district discovered just how many were in crisis after implementing Gaggle. Over three years, the district has intervened to save 10 student lives following Gaggle alerts.
SpeakUp for Safety Overview
Our safe, confidential SpeakUp for Safety tipline encourages students to share their concerns about bullying, suicide, self-harm, violence, and other student safety threats via call, text, or email.