Johnston County Schools
Safe Learning, Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device

Challenge (Puzzle)


After deciding to implement G Suite for Education, Johnston County Schools still needed a way to assure its students were safe using the web-based collaboration tools and Chromebooks.

Solution (Wrench)


Gaggle Safety Management for G Suite allows Johnston County Schools to enhance Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliance of G Suite for Education, protecting students from harmful content and images on any device they use.

Results (Star)


Students are able to use Google’s tools for collaboration and communication while educators don’t have to review questionable communications so they can concentrate more on classroom instruction.

Not unlike other schools—not only in The Tar Heel State but around the country—Johnston County Schools made the decision to implement G Suite for Education, understanding that it still needed additional protection measures to assure students were safe using 21st century technology.

Already familiar with the benefits of Gaggle Safety Management, the district turned to Gaggle to integrate the company’s student safety product with G Suite for Education. Initially working with student accounts in grades three through 12, Johnston County Schools now gives Google accounts to all of its 30,000-plus students.

“When we switched to G Suite for Education, we knew that we still wanted to do everything possible to assure that our students were safe,” recalled Amy Stanley, the district’s Coordinator of Elementary Digital Learning. “It’s really nice to know that we have somebody looking at everything and making sure our kids are safe.”

Amy stressed the importance placed by the district on using the questionable content or possible students situations that Gaggle uncovers to have conversations with students about online safety and digital citizenship. In addition, the district can restrict specific student access to G Suite to just within the school or district, typically due to a parental request.

Since Gaggle also fully integrates with Google Chromebooks, as more students turn on their devices through Johnston County’s growing 1:1 initiative, the same student safety features are available. With about one-fourth of the entire student population having access to Chromebooks, the district has the added confidence that as anytime, anywhere learning continues, students remain safe.

“When students are using Chromebooks, they’re logging in to their Google accounts, and if that’s where they’re getting most of their work done, we have the added security of knowing that the safety and security piece of Gaggle is behind it there, too,” said Amy.

Beyond the safety benefits, it became immediately clear to Johnston County Schools that by working with both Google and Gaggle, teachers would be able to focus more of their time on instruction.

“Gaggle makes it a whole lot easier for the teachers because they don’t have to worry if their students are safe,” said Amy, “but they know that someone knows what’s going on and will alert them if there’s a problem.”