Gaggle Safety Management for Canvas

Protect your students in their school-provided Canvas learning management system accounts with the most proactive tool in digital student safety.  

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Content Analysys
Content Analysis
Machine learning technology flags concerning content in students’ school-issued Microsoft accounts for review and blocks potentially harmful content
Expert Review
Expert Review
Gaggle helps districts see the early warning signs so they can take action to protect students from harming themselves or others—before it’s too late
Rapid Response
Rapid Response
In severe situations concerning student mental health or safety, district-appointed contacts are immediately notified by phone, even after standard business hours

How Does Gaggle Work?

Learn more about how Gaggle leverages technology and people to enhance student safety within the Canvas LMS.

What Do We Review?

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What Do We Review?

Webinar: Get the Most Out of Your Canvas Communication Tools With Gaggle

Create a Safe Digital Environment in Canvas With Gaggle

Safety management tools allow districts to create a positive school climate and increase achievement by providing insight into student behavior and alerting officials about potential risks. Watch the webinar to learn how Gaggle can provide a secure student safety net within your Canvas environment.

Create a Safe Digital Environment in Canvas With Gaggle

Learn How Gaggle Can Help

Contact Gaggle to learn more about partnering with us to identify and support struggling students in the Microsoft environment.