Case Study

Gaggle Encourages Better Digital Citizenship

Rhea County needed a way to monitor student safety but did not have the systems or procedures in place to support it. After implementing Gaggle, administrators now understand how to properly handle a wide range of student safety situations.


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Rhea County needed a system in place to monitor student behavior on G Suite programs but did not have the systems or administration procedures in place to support it.


Chose Gaggle and used its professional development resources to ensure that all of the district’s administrators knew how the program worked and how to handle alerts.


Now they have clear processes within Gaggle, and all administrators understand how to properly handle a wide range of student safety situations.

Rhea County School District Case Study
“It’s too easy to say that it can’t happen here, or that it only happens in big cities, but kids are the same everywhere; we’re all susceptible. They’re going to make mistakes and do things that they shouldn’t do, and we need to be aware and protect them—just in case.”

Other Case Studies

This Colorado school district was using an email filtering program that triggered a lot of time-consuming false reports and didn’t act on student security. Since implementing Gaggle, multiple student situations have come to the administration’s attention, and the district has come to rely on its student safety platform.
This Ohio district has been using Gaggle for years, but the explosion of technology now makes the online student safety platform more critical than ever. When some grades moved to 1:1, Gaggle picked up on even more student situations, ensuring that administrators are making the right investment choice year after year.
At the recommendation of the district’s superintendent, Vancouver Public Schools implemented Gaggle to help keep students safe when they use district-provided devices. Students, teachers, and administrators now have a centralized platform that they can rely on to monitor the use of technology and bring attention to serious issues.