Safety Management
for Canvas

Keep your students safe on the Canvas learning management system (LMS), protecting them from self-harm, cyberbullying, pornography and other harmful situations.


Content Analysis

Machine learning technology reveals potentially harmful content inside the Canvas LMS, including in Conversations, Discussions, Files and Pages.


Expert Review

Trained professionals evaluate content 24/7/365, alert school officials of unsafe situations and can even contact local law enforcement.


Insight & Analytics

School or district administrators receive access to an interactive dashboard for insight into incidents and to help keep students on track.


Safety Management Dashboard

Deep insight and analytics on violations and incidents when students use school-provided communication and collaboration tools.

  • Gain insight into student behavior
  • Sort incidents by severity, school or tool
  • Create a positive school climate
  • Decide where to direct digital citizenship
  • Investigate incidents within your schools
  • Ensure students use learning tools correctly
  • Increase student achievement
  • Access the dashboard from anywhere

Professional Development

Extend your knowledge and utilization of Gaggle Safety Management with Canvas.


"Without Gaggle, we probably would think that the communication and education that we have in place is adequate, but thanks to Gaggle we know that we need to do more."

Sarah Trimble-Oliver
CIO, Cincinnati Public Schools

“We use other products, like GoGuardian and Securly, to help keep our students safe and secure. Those products can't touch what Gaggle does…”

Kaycie Sullivan
Technology Coordinator, Junction Independent School District (TX)

Kaycie Sullivan

“Our best practices and expectations didn’t align with the way SafeMail is set up. Gaggle makes it so much easier for us to understand what is going on with our students.”

John Crum
Director of Technology, Plainfield Community Schools (IN)

“Our Google usage was growing exponentially... We were using CloudLock, but it wasn’t user-friendly, and it wasn’t giving us the information that we needed.”

Dr. Joe Borchard
Director of Technology, Wayne Township Public School District (NJ)

Joe Borchard