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Professional Development

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Extend the knowledge and utilization of Gaggle Safety Management. Courses are available in-person or via webinars.

Managing the Gaggle Integration with G Suite or Office 365
This half-day training session is designed for individuals who have been tasked with managing the integration of Gaggle with G Suite or Office 365 within their school or district. We’ll guide you through an in-depth look at school and district set-ups as well as account administration.

Participants will:
+ Fully understand account set-up, including the ability to create and modify accounts and group structures, add or remove services, turn on/off products for different accounts or groups and customize settings.

+ Learn how to create district- or building-level Emergency Contacts for Gaggle Safety Management.

+ Understand how to deal with Violations, Questionable Content and Possible Student Situations discovered by Gaggle Safety Management.


Understanding Safety Management for G Suite or Office 365
It’s important to understand how Gaggle Safety Management helps improve the safety and security of students using G Suite for Education or Office 365, removing the need for educators to review questionable communications so they can concentrate on classroom instruction.

Participants will:
+ Learn how Gaggle Safety Management works with your account setup.

+ Learn how the Gaggle Safety Management content analysis works.

+ Become familiar with what content is blocked and how Violations, Questionable Content and Possible Student Situations are handled.

+ Experience Gaggle Safety Management from student, teacher and admin perspectives.

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