Responding to
Student Incidents

A Professional Development course in
Safety Management

Equip your leaders and staff with the means to effectively respond to student safety concerns and identify the best way to address any issue–from a minor policy violation to a threat of imminent harm.

Gaggle Safety Management and SpeakUp for Safety are developed to effectively notify designated emergency contacts. This course is designed to educate your emergency contacts to respond confidently and appropriately to student safety incidents.

What You Get
+ Workflow management of content for student safety issues
+ Form a plan of action on responding to Gaggle notifications
+ Review of your Gaggle set-up to ensure district’s goals are being met
+ Analyze examples from various Gaggle incident levels and category types to develop an action plan for emergency contacts
+ Participation in evaluating issues using Gaggle’s Response Rubric
+ Discuss current district policies and procedures and how to match them to incidents uncovered by Gaggle.

+ Google or Office 365 user
+ Participants include: administrators, school and district leaders, student resource officers, guidance counselors
+ Max participants: 20 per day

151,522 Serious Threats Identified (2019-2020 sy)

Discussions will be focused on the most common categories reviewed from last year. These are the areas of greatest concern for customers:

• Suicide & Self-Harm
• Violence Toward Others
• Harassment
• Nudity & Sexual Content
• Drugs & Alcohol