G Suite Archiving

Archiving & Backup

Gaggle's archiving and backup services are compatible with G Suite for Education, Office 365 and other platforms. Save money with a fixed annual fee, tiered pricing and no minimum requirements.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

If your server goes down, all of your users can still access their email through a fully-functional, web-based email system via POP3, SMTP and IMAP clients. Any data loss can be pushed back to you while always maintaining message integrity for every user.

  • Enterprise-class data storage
  • Supports LDAP and single sign-on
  • Monitor for pornography, words and phrases
  • Simple account and data migration

Regulatory Compliance

Meet requirements of eDiscovery and Open Records laws.

Flexible Litigation Holds

Set litigation holds for individual messages or entire accounts.

Differentiated Access

Allow users to search only for specific content.

Multiple Export Options

Download messages in various file formats, including pst, pdf and eml.

"You get what you pay for [with free products]... but there won’t be the same level of service, and there’s going to be something they will ask you to pay for.”

Dave Imbrogno
Technology Coordinator, Johnsonburg Area School District (PA)

“I look at an archive as insurance. We pay a small premium for the assurance that if we needed someone’s email, we could produce it quickly.”

Chuck Dinsfreind
Senior Director of IT Services, ISTE

Chuck Dinsfriend