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Archiving & Backup

Gaggle’s hosted archiving and backup solution requires no additional hardware or software. Save money with a fixed annual fee, quantity discounts and no minimum requirements.

Email Archiving

Compatible with G Suite for Education, Office 365 and other platforms.

Meet the requirements of eDiscovery and Open Records laws.

Migrate legacy archives into one cohesive archive for litigation and compliance fulfillment.

Provide users constant access to their archived messages and content.

Set litigation holds for individual messages or entire accounts.

Choose differentiated access for your users allowing searches for only the content they are permitted to access. Learn more.

Search messages, subject lines, to/from addresses, date ranges and attachments.

Download messages in various file formats, including pst, pdf and eml.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

If your server goes down, all of your users can still access their email through a fully-functional, web-based email system via POP3, SMTP and IMAP clients. Any data loss can be pushed back to you while always maintaining message integrity for every user.

Enterprise-class data storage

Simple account and data migration

Support of LDAP authentication and single sign-on protocols

Optional security enhancements, such as monitoring for pornographic images and specific words and phrases to support regulatory compliance

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