Case Study

Using Gaggle to Combat Its State’s High Suicide Rates

As part of a multifaceted youth behavioral health initiative, Nampa School District implemented a student safety platform that allows it to listen to students’ digital chatter and intervene appropriately as needed.


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Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for Idahoans aged 15- to 34-years-old and touches many educational institutions, students, and families every year.


Create a multifaceted approach to suicide prevention that includes district staff, the community, and a student safety platform.


The district has intervened in and prevented numerous potential acts of suicide since implementing a more rigorous approach to suicide prevention about two years ago.

Nampa School District Case Study
“It’s [Gaggle] a way of helping to identify the high-risk students; we have counselors and administrators who are on the lookout.”

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