How to access stimulus funds

How to Access Stimulus Funds in Your District

View the informative webinar with funding expert Susan Gentz. During this one-hour session, Susan will dive into the various funding streams available through the new stimulus, how to access these dollars, and how the funds may be used. There will also be time for you to ask Susan any questions you have so your district can make the most of these education dollars.

Ring the Alarm Report

Ring the Alarm: Students in Crisis

Students experienced a very different back to school season for the 2020–21 academic year. Whether they returned to the classroom, continued with distance learning, or engaged in a hybrid model, how have students been affected by these uncertain times?


Student Wellness Series: Holiday Blues

While the holiday season typically brings feelings of joy, this time of year can be difficult for many. In this webinar from our Student Wellness Series, you’ll learn about causes of holiday blues and coping mechanisms, hear how one superintendent keeps students safe during the holidays, and see examples of struggling students who were identified by Gaggle so they could get the support they needed.

Social and Emotional Learning Report

Why Social and Emotional Learning?

Our world dramatically changed in 2020, highlighting the growing need to incorporate social and emotional learning (SEL) in schools. How is your district weaving these skills into the curriculum?

State of Student Mental Health

The State of Student Mental Health

Research shows that anxiety and depression are on the rise and suicides are increasing, revealing a mental health crisis surrounding today’s students.


Partnering to Support Student Mental Health

With two major student situations where lives were potentially saved, the district makes sure Gaggle is the first tool they renew every year. Watch the full story from Millburn Township.


Social Emotional Learning, Trauma, and This School Year

Students have been through a lot since the outbreak of the pandemic. School buildings closed their doors, quarantine orders kept them from friends and loved ones, and pandemic-related stresses—including anxieties about health, academic struggles, and unsafe home situations—have been overwhelming for many. It truly is a surreal time for our students.


Student Wellness Series: Cutting

During the 2019–20 school year, Gaggle flagged 64,000 references to suicide or self-harm in students’ online activity. Students may turn to cutting, a form of self-harm, as a way to release their pain and emotions. Teenage cutting is quite common in today’s world and is often used for relief, self-expression, or as a response to trauma, such as abuse.

Student Wellness Series - Anxiety

Student Wellness Series: Anxiety

Anxiety and depression are on the rise among today’s students, with 70% of teens seeing these issues as a major problem. 90% of cases of anxiety are treatable, but only one-third of those who suffer receive treatment.