Case Study

Gaggle Helps Colorado District Save 70 Students

Going from solely reviewing email to monitoring the full Google suite of education tools, Denver Public Schools was able to create a comprehensive safety system, protecting more students and saving more lives.


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After a Gaggle audit, Denver Public Schools realized that it lacked comprehensive monitoring of student communications, and as such, some struggling students who needed assistance were falling between the cracks.


Going from solely monitoring email to monitoring the full Google Suite, the district was able to layer in other solutions to create a comprehensive safety system, protecting more students and saving more lives.


Working with Gaggle, the district has saved roughly 70 students from self-harm or suicide.

Denver Public Schools Case Study
“I’m certainly grateful that [Gaggle] has no hesitation in picking up the phone to call me—especially when it comes to our students’ safety, which is priority number one for all of us.”

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This large California district wanted more human eyes on its students’ safety on a 24/7/365 basis, so it adopted Gaggle to safeguard students in the Google environment. Since then, the student safety management platform has helped the district save two student lives.
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