Case Study

Gaggle Helps Duval County Public Schools Stay Safe


A Second Set of Eyes Into What’s Happening Online

Discover how Gaggle Safety Management keeps students at Duval County Public School safe by monitoring online activity on Microsoft 365, OneDrive, and Teams.

How to Protect Students and Staff When Remote Learning?

The Challenge:

With student safety and security as one of its key district goals, Duval County
Public Schools in Jacksonville, Florida, found itself in unfamiliar territory when
the state shut down schools for the remainder of the 2019–20 year as a result of
the pandemic. Not only did it need a way for teachers to interact effectively with
students online, but it also now needed to ensure users’ safety as they navigated
this “new normal” learning environment. 

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Enabling Gaggle to Monitor Microsoft Teams

The Solution:

Fortunately, Duval already had the Gaggle student safety platform in place and
had been using it successfully for about seven years. When the district started
using Microsoft Teams in conjunction with Microsoft 365 for remote learners, Duval
once again turned to Gaggle for help upholding its commitment to student safety
and security. 

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Seeing Gaggle Work On the First Day

The Results:

“With COVID-19, we had to transition our brick-and-mortar safety and security over to the online environment,” said former Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene. “We actually saw Gaggle work on the first day that Duval HomeRoom (the district’s online learning platform) opened. A situation came up and we were able to learn what was happening and who was involved, and then solve the situation very quickly.”

CASE STUDY - Duval County Public Schools
“Where there is always a school safety officer walking the hallways in our physical school, Gaggle serves as that protector online.”

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