Safe LMS

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Safe Learning Management System

Create, Collaborate, Assess and Share.

The Gaggle Safe Learning Management System (LMS) promotes student and teacher collaboration while increasing student engagement and teacher productivity.


Optional Safety Management controls, such as an Anti-Pornography Scanner and a customizable Blocked Words List, discover inappropriate words and images inside the LMS. Gaggle Student Safety Representatives then review content and apply consistent, school-approved policies for positive intervention.

Schools using the Gaggle Safe LMS can choose to integrate Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive storage with the same Safety Management controls.

  • Blogs


    Students publish creative thoughts and ideas while teachers easily share classroom activities and assignments with parents and their students.



    Schedule events, send invitations, set reminders and stay organized. See all your class calendars and personal calendar integrated in one view.

  • Chat


    Hold real-time discussions inside and outside of the classroom. Teachers can even offer virtual office hours and online study sessions.

    Class Pages

    Class Pages

    Access assigned and graded assessments, calendars, web resources and more. It’s the starting point for your students and teachers with everything in one convenient place.

  • Digital Lockers

    Digital Lockers

    Store and share your files created and edited using Google Apps, Microsoft Office and other products.

    Discussion Boards

    Discussion Boards

    Support curriculum with ongoing classroom discussions, or create discussions for specific students or classes.

  • Email


    Send and receive CIPA-compliant email designed for K-12 schools. Includes extensive text filtering, inappropriate image detection and Gaggle Safety Management.



    Safely search YouTube videos, or save and share videos with your class, school, the entire district or the world.


  • Gradebook


    Track student performance. All graded items are linked to the associated document, making it easier to access and identify mastered concepts.

    Mark It Up!

    Mark It Up!

    Review student submissions with options for annotations such as comments, highlighting and a free-form drawing tool.

  • Text Notifications

    Text Notifications

    Safe teacher and student mobile texting with all incoming and outgoing messages filtered and logged.



    Easily create, assign, collect and score digital worksheets and assessments and align questions to state standards.

Customer Story: Removing Technology Restrictions

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A Principal's Guide to Using an LMS

Use the ideas in this ebook to help increase user adoption and ensure that your learning management system will be safe for your teachers and students to use.

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