You’ve got Gaggle! Now what?

Districts and schools who make the decision to implement Gaggle are most often energized and eager to jump right in and begin utilizing Gaggle’s amazing applications and tools. While being excited about using Gaggle is something we love, we also know it is important to understand and learn what Gaggle is all about before rolling it out to an entire district or even just a classroom.  This is why Gaggle offers a variety of professional development options to assist administrators, teachers, technology coordinators and all school staff with the necessary information on how to effectively use Gaggle in a district wide setting or single classroom.  In this article we will be discussing all that Gaggle has to offer when it comes to professional development including: Onsite training options, webinar training, self-directed module training and Gaggle’s free online webinars.

Onsite Training – Gaggle 101-501
Gaggle has broken down onsite trainings into five different series tailored to fit every Gaggle user’s needs. This allows users on every level to be able to dive in to as much or a little information as needed to successfully integrate Gaggle.

Gaggle 101 is a General Overview and Utilization of 21st century Learning Tools and is a training session designed for new Gaggle users to learn how to use Gaggle to its fullest capability within the district, school, or classroom.

Gaggle 201/501 focuses on the Successful Management of Gaggle within your School or District (administrative support and best practices).  It is a training session designed for individuals with the task of overseeing the use of Gaggle within the district or school.

Gaggle 301 is an advanced training focused on Integrating Web Tools in the Classroom for a 21st Century Learning Environment. It is designed for users that are familiar with the Gaggle suite of tools but are looking to learn more about incorporating Gaggle into their school or classroom.

Gaggle 401 is a Train the Trainer Workshop that is designed to give attendees the hands on experience within the Gaggle suite of tools in order to increase knowledge of the Gaggle system

Webinar Training – Gaggle W101-W401

The 60 or 90 minute webinar training sessions are hosted by a Gaggle professional trainer using Go-To-Webinar, and can be scheduled before, during, or after the school day. They are organized by bringing all attendees together in one place, by setting up groups at individual school sites, or by allowing teachers to log in from their own computers at school or even from home.

Self-Directed Training – Module Training

Gaggle’s self-paced on-line training course is designed to accommodate any schedule. These hands-on modules are designed for those new to Gaggle or just wanting a refresher on the Gaggle Applications.

Gaggle’s Free Introductory Webinars

Gaggle’s free webinars are one hour in length and designed to give participants a brief overview of the Gaggle system. Attendees will be given a basic summary on how to communicate, administer, and create a 21st century online learning environment.

To learn more about Gaggle’s professional development programs visit or give us a call at 800-288-7750. We’re happy to discuss what training option is best for your school or district!