WTF? What Kids are Saying in Text Messages

BRB, LOL, LMAO, SMH, TTYL, WTF. Most of us are aware of SMS language found in text messages, also known as textese, texting language and many other names. The Reality Check Program has compiled a great list of text speak that educators and parents show know about.

1174: Party meeting place

420: Marijuana

53X: Sex

8: Oral sex

9: Parent watching

99: Parent gone

Broken: Hungover from alcohol

CD9: Parents around (Code 9)

CID: Acid (the drug)

CU46: See you for sex

DOC: Drug of choice

GNOC: Get naked on camera

IPN: I’m posting naked

IWSN: I want sex now

KOTL: Kiss on the lips

LH6: Let’s have sex

(L)MIRL: Let’s meet in real life

NIFOC: Naked in front of computer

PIR: Parent in room

POS: Parent over shoulder

PRON: Porn

SUGARPIC: Suggestive or erotic photo

TDTM: Talk dirty to me

THOT: That hoe over there

TWD: Texting while driving

WTTP: Want to trade pictures