Why Responsive Web Design Isn’t Going Away

Most of us love having fingertip access on our smartphones to email, banking, games and even schoolwork. Organizations and businesses of all shapes and sizes continue to pay close attention to how their websites work on mobile devices. And your school or district is no different.

The best way to address how your parents, students, staff and entire school community access your website on smartphones and tablets is to use a responsive website design. Responsive design might have started as a trend, but it’s safe to say that it will be around for a while.

blue one smallGoogle likes it
When it comes to sending you website traffic, Google is king—or queen if you prefer. History shows that the Google search algorithm controls a great deal of what users see when typing your school’s name into the search engine. So when Google released the news that its latest algorithm update favors a mobile design for mobile searches, it was a clear indication that responsive website design was here to stay. When you are designing or updating your school website, be sure to implement responsive design to improve or maintain your current search results.

green 2 smallMobile traffic on the rise
More and more users are turning to their mobile devices to search the web. There’s a good chance that you’re viewing this post from your tablet or smartphone. Even if you aren’t, Internet usage on mobile devices now exceeds desktops. If the majority of your website visitors are using their mobile devices to search, it makes even more sense to use responsive design on your website.

orange 3 smallStudents are more likely to go mobile
Younger generations are always on top of the latest in digital technology. School’s are following the digital trend and implementing more technology in the classroom. And with tablets becoming more accessible, students are less likely to use a desktop computer when they need to access their digital tools.