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When Using Google Apps, Complying with CIPA Should Focus on Instruction Rather Than Discipline


Schools will often use a server-based content filter for Gmail to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), and then quickly realize that it puts the focus on discipline rather than instruction and promoting digital citizenship.

This is exactly what happened at Mountain Brook School System when it started to move its technology to the cloud, including deploying Google Apps for Education (GAFE). The district needed a way to apply consistent, district-approved policies, but wanted a solution that would aid in having important conversations with students.

Gaggle Safety Management for Google Apps became an invaluable resource for everyone at Mountain Brook, from teachers and administrators, to students and parents. Other benefits include:

  • Filtering student email for language that students use rather than using a business-oriented product that filters using language that adults use.
  • Teachers have more time for instruction because filtering and monitoring of Google Apps is done for them.
  • Donna Williamson, the district technology director, can focus her valuable time elsewhere.

Learn more about how Mountain Brook School System uses Gaggle Safety Management for instruction-based reasons and not to discipline students, including specific life-threatening stories in the case study, “Mountain Brook School System: Much More Than Filtering and Monitoring Students.”

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