When Enterprise Email Isn’t Good—or Safe—Enough for Students

One year into a pilot program to provide students with Office 365 email accounts, Georgetown Independent School District in Texas found itself struggling to resolve concerns around student safety.

When the district discovered, Gaggle Safety Management for Office 365, which provides behind-the-scenes filtering and monitoring to ensure students can use Office 365 in a safe and appropriate manner, the pilot was able to successfully and quickly move forward.

In a new case study, discover:

  • the benefits of having Gaggle Student Safety Representatives monitor student communications in Office 365
  • additional ways that teachers and students benefit, including the use of email for assignments and teaching lessons in digital citizenship
  • district plans to extend the use of Safety Management for Office 365 to monitoring files in OneDrive

Read the entire case study, “When Enterprise Email Isn’t Good—or Safe—Enough for Students,” and more about the challenges and successes of schools and districts that have partnered with Gaggle by visiting the case study section of the Gaggle Content Library.