What’s in YOUR Digital Locker?

You probably already know Gaggle’s Digital Locker is a great place to store your own files for access at school and at home. But the Locker is also a great way to distribute information to individuals, an entire class, or to an entire grade level, school, or district. It’s more efficient to share larger files than to email them as attachments, and you don’t run the risk of ending up in someone’s junk mail. It also supports ‘Go Green’ initiatives: when you share flyers, forms, or any documents instead of printing them, you’ll save money and our environment!

Principals can share newsletters to the students or staff bulletins to teachers by creating a specific folder and sharing it. Then every time a new document is added to the folder, it will be automatically shared, giving everyone access to both the new and previous items. Counselors can share files to different grade levels to give easy and constant access to important things like scholarship applications, college info, or important forms. Maybe an art teacher wants to be able to share photos of student work for others to browse through, or a band director could share music files he wants his musicians to listen to. Really, the possibilities are endless!

The Digital Locker also gives access to online editing tools- Zoho in the web interface, Google Apps if you’re using our Google Integration or our mini editor in our iPad app, letting you collaborate on shared documents with classmates or colleagues. It takes under 10 minutes to present the important features of the Digital Locker during a staff meeting, and likely everyone there will have a great idea for using it! Gaggle has resources to make these presentations a breeze.

Here are a couple of training videos to get you started:

Digital Locker Basics:
Sharing Files