What You Can Do Over the Summer to Spruce Up Your School or District Website

After a long school year, summer finally comes, and it’s an exciting time for students, faculty and administration. But once the excitement is over, it’s easy to fall into the summertime blues. Before you let boredom strike, consider sprucing up your school or district website during summer’s free time.

Add a Video to the Home Page
Including a video is a great way to make your website more appealing and inviting to your audience. It encourages visitors to interact with your site and explore. Once you decide to add a video, you can start creating a list of fun things to do over your summer break. Even if your budget won’t allow for a professional video, you can rally a group of students together and develop a summer project. Getting the students involved in the video will make it more exciting for them, parents and the community.

Do a Bit of Cleanup
Review the text throughout your website and make a note of areas that need to be updated. Start with pages that have outdated content. Think about the different visitor segments who come to your website, including students, teachers, the community, and people considering moving into the district. If you have content-heavy pages, add some images and remove unnecessary text to be more straightforward. Remember that there is no need for excess words as people rarely read, but will simply scan your web pages for what they need.

Update Your Pictures
Like your text; update your outdated photographs and pictures. You can even make the photo update into a larger project similar to the video project mentioned earlier. If you don’t have tons of time to dedicate to your website, updating the photos is also a simple and quick way to give your site a refresh. Use photos of home games and other student activities and events to promote school culture.

Do a Complete Overhaul
When you are assessing your website for changes, you might notice that it needs more than just a few updates. If an overhaul is what you need, partner with an expert in school websites to help you construct a website strategy and revamp your website. An overhaul might be just the renovation you need with a fresh, new design that is secure and stable to start the next school year off right.