Does Your Website Reflect a Positive School Climate?

How parents and your entire community perceive your schools is tremendously important. Parents have influence over the overall point of view of the community, government and even their children who attend a school. Here are five ways you can use your website to foster a perception of a positive school climate.

1-2016Keep all of your pages, events and images up-to-date, especially the information on the homepage of the website. Visitors will use your website as a primary point of reference for checking dates and verifying relevant school information. When sought out information is out of date, parents will lose confidence in a school or district.

2-2016Provide emergency alerts for school closures and similar urgent announcements. If parents learn they can turn to your website when school closures occur, they will likely turn to your website for other pertinent information.

3-2016Provide in-depth teacher pages with biographical information, homework assignments and more. Parents enjoy learning more about their kids’ teachers. If a teacher bio page is well-created, it can leave a positive impression on those who visit your website.

4-2016See if your website offers Reputation Management, a service that provides content analysis and expert review to prevent website pages from getting hacked. The community won’t see Reputation Management when it is working well, but they will notice when your homepage is hacked and published with inappropriate information.

5-2016Make sure your website is ADA compliant so that you meet legal requirements and offer reading assistance for website visitors who suffer dyslexia, color blindness and other visual and auditory disabilities.

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