Vlogging in the Classroom

While blogging has become quite popular in education, it could slowly be taking a back seat to “vlogging,” or more simply, video blogging. Here are a few reasons why you should try to work vlogging into your curriculum.

Get interactive
One ongoing goal of instructors is to encourage engagement and student activity in the classroom. Technology has done a great deal to help facilitate interaction, and vlogs can add to your existing initiatives.

Be personal
Very similar to traditional blogging, video blogs allow students to add their own personal touches to their work. This can help them feel more connected to their assignments and encourage even more effort.

Offer reflection
It might sound fun to get on a camera and share your thoughts, but the process students must work through is quite reflective and requires critical thinking. Students have to work through their thoughts and how they will communicate them to others.

It’s simple and cheap
There’s no need to invest in expensive video equipment to add vlogging into the curriculum. A simple smartphone or tablet should do the trick. In addition, editing software can be used for students to learn basic video editing skills.

It is fun
Recording videos can add some spark to the classroom. Both students and teachers can enjoy the task, forging deeper relationships with peers and even deeper relationships with the art of learning.