Using Your LMS to Support Differentiated Instruction

Today’s classroom is filled with learners with different skill sets, requiring varying levels of attention. But differentiated instruction isn’t always the simplest plan to implement.

There are many factors to consider with time likely the one most people think of first. The use of technology in the classroom, particularly a Learning Management System (LMS), can greatly reduce the time required to plan, develop and implement differentiated instruction inside and outside of the classroom.

Group Work
Breaking students up into smaller groups is always a good way to make instruction and learning more palatable. By using your LMS, you can assign group spaces for students, which allow them to work together from anywhere.

Group work allows students to interact in peer-to-peer environments where more challenged learners in the group begin to model the practices and techniques of the stronger students. Once you assign group space in the LMS, make sure to assign roles to each student based on their strengths so the group gets the most from the experience.

Project-based Learning
Sometimes projects can seem like an ordeal. But projects are a great way to offer students a variety of paths to the same learning outcome. Use your LMS to build the various pathways for a class project, allowing each student to choose a project based on their learning styles. The versatility of your LMS should allow you to provide all relevant resources and track student progress on their project all in one place.

There is no way to implement differentiated instruction without some form of assessment. It’s important to assess students to determine what they are grasping so you can continue to personalize the learning path as much as possible. Assign assessments directly inside your LMS and track their progress.

Structuring your syllabus or lesson plans for differentiated instruction takes a bit of effort, but when you make your LMS work for you, the task can be simplified. Start exploring your LMS today to determine how you can make it work better for you and your students.