Using Your LMS to Reach the Tough Kids

Within just about every class, there’s at least one student present who actually doesn’t seem very present at all. Many educators struggle with the challenge of getting through to the tough kids who can easily become lost. To help, here are some creative ways to reach those students by utilizing tools available in your learning management system (LMS).

Virtual Office Hours
The instant messaging (IM) tool inside an LMS is a great way to reach out to students and begin conversations with them about areas in which they’re struggling. Using the IM function can help make students a bit more comfortable with opening up, allowing the instructor to get to the root cause of why the student is having such a tough time.

Calendar Alerts
Oftentimes, students need a little more handholding. It can be helpful to work closely with them on setting attainable goals so they have successes to celebrate throughout the semester. Setting up alerts within the LMS’ calendar can be an efficient way of helping students set goals and stay on task. Teachers can add actionable benchmarks in the calendar with both the student and teacher receiving alerts.

Student Blogs 
Some students might not always show the most interest and engagement in class. Still, that doesn’t mean they don’t have the desire to be a part. Try using student blogs as a way for students to engage with classroom materials. If you have introverted students, consider allowing them to keep their blogs private, making them only viewable by you. For those students who simply have a tough time focusing in the classroom, use the blog as an outlet for them to refocus their energy.

The LMS has far more power than simply housing course materials and student grades. There are plenty of creative ways to use the tools available in your LMS to reach students who wouldn’t otherwise get the attention they require. Try incorporating these elements as a way to engage students and keep them from getting left behind.