Using Technology to Aid in Student Assessment

Traditional student assessment comes in the form of multiple choice, short answer and, occasionally, a written essay or report. With technology playing such a large role in education, there are now a variety of new and creative ways to perform student assessment, and by using technology students can become more engaged in the process.

Blog It Out
Book reports and chapter reviews are fairly common in English and Reading courses. Instead of assigning a written report or essay, consider incorporating a student blog and allow students to post about what they learned.

Discuss It
Create social walls and discussion boards specific to activities and assignments. Have students participate by answering posted questions, discussing related topics, and posting interesting things that they have discovered in each assignment. This is a great way for students to stay engaged and communicate with each other over the summer.

Video Reports
Allowing students to watch videos for classroom use can be a great way to keep them engaged. Have students watch videos and then report on what they’ve seen by submitting a written assignment or a video response.

Text Messages
Use text messaging as a reinvented version of the Pop Quiz. Quiz students on topics and concepts before a large exam. This is a great way to ensure they are grasping the learning objectives.

The classroom is changing. While technology continues to morph this new-age classroom, faculty and teachers can play a large role in the transformation. Rally your teachers and faculty around the idea of using technology for assessment to keep students engaged in their learning experience.