Using Technology and Co-Teaching to Enhance Student Engagement

At Gaggle we recognize that co-teaching has been gaining acceptance as an instructional strategy for supporting students in diverse classrooms and is gaining momentum in schools across the country. Co-teaching dynamics may include multiple teachers in one classroom, special education teachers, ESL teachers, student teachers, long-term subs, or aides. No matter the co-teaching dynamics, they all share the common goal of helping their increasingly diverse students reach their potential.

We understand that teachers need tools that allow them to address the many types of co-teaching situations. Our class structures have the flexibility to allow collaboration between co-teachers. Gaggle educators have the ability to co-own classes and share administrative rights to Class Pages. This new feature ensures that multiple teachers can easily utilize and manage class content and teaching teams can work together to ensure students receive the support they need.

These shared administrative rights, combined with temporary Gaggle email accounts, allow long-term subs and student teachers to support students during a teacher’s absence but enable the classroom teacher to continue to create assignments, blog posts, and manage classroom content.

We know that many educators work in areas such as Title 1 or ESL and may travel between schools and manage multiple classrooms. These teachers can now digitally support their students with Gaggle’s shared class ownership. Gaggle enables these educators to access all class content and ensure their students’ succeed no matter their location.

We also know that educators have always collaborated to ensure students meet classroom and curricular goals. Gaggle’s newest feature gives educators the freedom to share students in our digital classrooms as easily as they do in their real ones!