Using Google Apps in a Safe 1:1 Learning Environment

Productivity tools like Google Apps for Education for classroom collaboration make 1:1 initiatives a realistic goal for any size school district. But giving students devices and access to email and online file sharing and storage also bring safety risks. These and other topics were discussed during the last week’s Gaggle webcast, “Using Google Apps to Create a Safe 1:1 Learning Environment.”

Seth Hemken, Director of Technology at Redding School District, walked attendees through his district’s successful 1:1 implementation. Seth also talked about how students are safely collaborating and engaging with teachers and other students while the district can proactively respond and stay ahead of misuse, cyberbullying and other threats.

The Redding School District story is part of a recent Gaggle case study, which covers how Seth and his team quickly discovered holes in the collaborative environment and the way Gaggle solved those concerns.

The webcast also featured Tom Woods, Lead Google Apps Consultant, from Amplified IT. Amplified IT has teamed with us on a previous webinar and a popular ebook, “12 Ways to Safely Adopt Google Apps into Your School.”

Amplified IT has worked with more than 3,000 schools and districts on Google Apps for Education (GAFE) implementation and Chromebook usage. In addition to performing a GAFE Audit, which compares your GAFE apps and settings with educational best practices, and providing a roadmap for the future, the consultancy also offers tailored GAFE configuration, training programs, supports hours and other services.

During the webinar, Tom covers relevant topics such as:

  • the importance of configuring core applications in GAFE such as Gmail and Drive;
  • an example of a recommended Organization Unit (OU) structure;
  • and a device selection overview.

Tom also talks about important considerations such as wireless coverage, policies and settings, legacy applications, insurance and more during the webcast.

You can watch the “Using Google Apps to Create a Safe 1:1 Learning Environment” webcast on-demand by scrolling to the section “Archived Webcasts (2016).”