Using Blended Learning, Multiple Technologies for Customized Instruction and Assessment

If one of your goals for the new school year is to combine the online delivery of educational content with classroom interaction and live instruction, then you definitely should consider reading a new ebook on the popular topic of blended learning.

The illustrated resource, “Blended Learning: Integrating Multiple Technologies for Customized Instruction and Assessment” explains the various types of blended learning models and personalized learning approaches being used in real classrooms throughout the country, including lab rotation, individual rotation, flipped classroom, enriched virtual and others, along with key components of each one.

Culled from presentations given by Andrea Keith, Gaggle’s Director of Client Engagement, throughout the past school year, the ebook also includes statistics from the Center for Digital Education on why educators should consider blended learning, as well as seven suggestions on how to get started with blended learning inside your classroom or school. Those tips include:

  • start small;
  • be selective;
  • train;
  • execute; and
  • evaluate results.

While your specific needs likely are different than educators in other schools, you can use your existing collaboration, communication and learning tools to aid in the instruction and delivery of a successful blended learning model that’s right for you.