Use Less Paper and More Tech This School Year

If you’re planning to move towards a paperless classroom this school year, you can get off to a good start by uploading your syllabus, classroom rules, policies and procedures, and all your documents to a safe Learning Management System (LMS). This will certainly cut down on paper costs, but why stop there? Make sure your Calendars are setup with important dates and reminders throughout the new year.

Putting all of this information into a safe LMS will make it easier for your students to stay organized, while teachers and administrators will have quick and easy access to everything that’s going on in school and can plan their lives, too!

Here are some other ways to use less paper this year.

  • Send a back-to-school email so when students, or teachers, log in to their email accounts for the first time, there’s an email with some basic information waiting for them
  • Distribute and collect student information sheets in an Assignment folder rather than in a folder or notebook that sits in a classroom or an office file cabinet. With digital student information
    sheets, you can search for specific details about a student and have that information in front of you within seconds.
  • Create address groups with all parent email addresses. Sending email messages to groups rather than individuals will save you a lot of time and make it easier for you to share more with parents, such as important school news or classroom activities like GaggleTube videos or new blog posts.
  • Have students create either a welcome to our classroom or a welcome to our school PowerPoint or video and upload them into a Digital Locker. Sharing students’ work at back-to-school night is a great way to show parents how their children will be using the safe LMS. These presentations or
    videos also are a great way to introduce new students who arrive during the school year to their classmates
  • Start a class blog where students take turns talking about their favorite activities or where they traveled over the summer. Blog posts also are great places to share goals for the new school year.
  • Create a Digital Locker folder for students to upload photos they took during the summer. If you are using a safe LMS, such as Gaggle, everything in Gaggle is going to be filtered so there’s no need to worry about inappropriate images. These photographs can be great icebreakers during the first couple weeks of school for students to get to know more about each other.

Do you have a unique way that your school or classroom plans to go paperless? We would love to hear about it!