Use a Classroom Blog to Engage Parents

As technology takes on a larger role in the classroom, teachers continue to seek for new and creative ways to enable student participation and engagement. But what about the many ways technology can impact parent engagement? Consider using a class blog to get your parents involved.

Invite them in
While days seem to be getting busier and busier, parents may not have time to stop by the classroom. With a class blog, parents can visit the classroom virtually at their convenience. Use the blog to keep them informed and pique their interest, which might even encourage them to make some time to actually stop by in person.

Show them a snapshot
Use the class blog for more than daily updates on assignments and projects. Give students an opportunity to share their experiences as well through videos and pictures. Bring life to the classroom blog and make parents feel like they are participating in the classroom experience.

Share a “Student of the Week”
If there is anything parents love, it’s the recognition of their children. Parents enjoy seeing their children in the spotlight, even if only for one week. Start a weekly post highlighting a top student and share the post with parents to celebrate.

Post homework and test dates
Keep parents informed by posting important information like homework assignments and test dates. Doing so allows parents to keep a schedule at home with their children for study time and homework time. In addition to posting assignments, include some resources for parents to use while helping their children complete their assignments.

Getting parents involved in the classroom experience is just as important as getting students involved. And finding these opportunities can be as simple as starting a classroom blog. Gather your students and start your blog today.