Understanding Private Accounts in Your School District’s Email Archive

Switching to a free email archiving solution, such as Google Vault, might sound appealing, but the inability to create Private Accounts should be considered as one big reason not to make the move.

With Private Accounts, a CTO or IT director has all the rights of an administrator, but is prevented from accessing any of the archived content. If you’re the person responsible for email in your school district, Private Accounts provide the help and protection you need.

In a new white paper you will:

  • learn the benefits of having private accounts in your email archive
  • discover how one school district saves countless hours and gains insight into who’s accessing its archive
  • obtain helpful tips on how to transition private accounts into your archiving policies

Download “The Benefits of Private Accounts in Your Email Archive” and learn how school districts are using Private Accounts found in Gaggle’s hosted archiving and backup solution to provide peace of mind to IT leaders while protecting policy-makers’ accounts.