Two Simple Ways to Get Started with Google Apps

While many educators choose Google Apps for Education (GAFE), others have it fall into their laps. Regardless of which side of the classroom you’re standing, it’s important to identify how GAFE can help and focus there first.

#1: Set goals.

Don’t set aspirations too high. It’s very likely that your Google Apps implementation will not benefit everyone right away and that’s fine. Create milestones that answer what, when and why? Here are some examples from our ebook“12 Ways to Safely Adopt Google Apps into Your School.”

Goal Setting with GAFE

#2: Lead by example.

You might have at least dabbled in Google Apps to manage personal matters. Share your Google stories on how you overcame some obstacles on your own. Devote time during in-person professional development or hold a weekly Google+ Hangout.

There’s also no better way to lead by example than to practice what you preach. For instance, don’t take these everyday activities for granted:

  • When sending email, don’t attach files. Instead, reference files in Drive.
  • Do away with paper meeting notes. Instead, keep a running record.
  • Keep your Calendar up to date and accurate.

If you haven’t yet incorporated these everyday activities into your workflow, consider dedicating a brief amount of time at the beginning or end of each school day to do so. And don’t forget to download the ebook, “12 Ways to Safely Adopt Google Apps into Your School” for more tips on starting tomorrow’s school day better prepared to use GAFE to help students learn and save teachers time.